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This section contains information on air conditioning materials & installation in Singapore. Materials include insulation, copper pipes, PVC drainage pipe, electrical cables and PVC trunking. Readers are reminded that it will also be their responsibility to ensure that the aircon installers use the stated materials.

What you should do during the day of installation

Before the Installers arrive
1) You should request the installers to give you a call half an hour before they arrived. If you do not receive the call half an hour before the installation time, you should give the company a reminder call...just in case they 'FORGOT' the appointment after you paid your deposit.

When the Installers arrived
1) You should check that they are installers and not robbers before letting them into your home.

2) Be friendly! and offer them coffee or drinks. A happy installer is a good installer.

3) Request that you would like to take a look at the installation materials. You should have those promised by the salesman only.
If you noticed any materials that are incorrect, sound off to the installers.
If this does not help, give the company a call.
If that also does not help, tell the company that you will not proceed with the installation unless they can prove that the materials are of equalivalent standards.
If all fails, then request to install another day caused you have to go to CASE now!!
( By the way, you should have everything written black and white on the invoice initally, if this is not done...then...you can nothing do about it. Blame yourself!!! )

4) If your air conditioner requires a stainless steel bracket, according to HDB rules, your installer must be a BCA trained worker, so check their certificate. If they do not have with them, you can get their names and go online and check. https://www.bca.gov.sg/citi/trained_inst.asp .
5) If you already had a site survey, remind the installers where the indoor units will be installed and how the piping will be run. And emphasize the important points..like this area will be concealed by a built-in wardrobe so insulation should be thicker (as promised during the site survey if you ever had mentioned ).... or remind them to place protection on your beloved parquet flooring or point out where the concealed water and gas pipes are in the wall.

6) If you had not have a site survey, spend some time to discuss with the installers.

During the Installation
1) If you are not very busy, spend half an hour or so to look at how the installers are doing their work. You can always get your renovation contractor to do the checking and supervision but i always doubt they have the time to do that.

2) Come back about an hour before the end of the installation to take a look at the installation. Look at every part of the installation and sound off any areas that you want to touch up.If you have installed the equipment, test the air conditioner yourself.If you only installed the piping, get them to cover up the exposed copper pipings ends. If everything is ok, say thanks!!!!!

3) If you have requested for 2 times installation, remember to book your next installation date as the company will usually have to arrange for the same team of workers to come back.

After the Installation
1) You should test the air conditioner for at least 2 hrs for any problems like leakage and condensation. If everything goes well, make your way down to the shop to pay the balance. If the whole experience is a good one, praise them.You should NEVER delay the final payment..especially when the installers had done a good job.

2) If there is a problem, get them to rectify before you make your full payment. But when all is ok and you are satisfied with your aircon, do not delay the remaining payment.

Note:There is usually a 'Test Run' procedure stated in the operation / installation manual where the system will check for errors.

Final Steps

1) At the end of everything, you should be given a warranty card each for every outdoor and indoor units. ( Example, a System 3 will have 1 for outdoor and 3 for indoor units ).
If the company do provide installation warranty, make sure you are given one too if they are not using the sales invoice as one.

Note:You should not be reading the installation warranty card for the first time here.You should have requested to see the installation warranty before your purchase.


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